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    Technical service
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                         WHZWM will provide the best technical service for you

             Technical service hotline in 24 hours - TEL: 13871202911, 13098888556

    Equipment selection 

    We can provide the  complete engineering technology scheme according customers' requirement,  inculding the advice of the process technology, the equipment selection.

    New product development

    Along with the extension of  
    polyurethane application, our technique team will keep up to the top-grade technology and provide the most advanced and suitable PU equipment to meet customers' requipment.

    Technical support 

    We sets up the 24 hours techincal support hotline to solve equipment's troubles through fault determination, 
    fault resolution and the operation guidance.

    Technical training 

    We can provide technical training to meet differential customers various requirements, induling equipment working principle, operating and maintenance.

    Equipment optimization

    We provide cyclopentane 
    system optimization conforming to TüV standard, including the complete equipment modification, the factory layout and the safety facilities.

    Aftersale service

    We have a professional aftersale service team which can respond quickly and reach onsite in time to minimize the effect on production when the equipment is out of function.

    Spare parts supply

    We have good cooperation with our suppliers both at home and abroad. Our spare parts storehouse can opportunely provide you the mixing head, metering pump, pressure switch, fitting, pipe, sealer, etc.
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